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Born in 1982 in Reading, England, and now living in Montreal, Quebec, Caleb has performed at a variety of venues around his new city, while honing his craft. His soulful style, his faith and passion for music is very evident through his work.


From a child, Caleb had his heart set on a professional rugby career with hopes of making it to the big leagues, however it was not meant to be.  It wasn’t until his mid 20’s that he discovered his God given gift in song writing and the ability to play multiple instruments. “It felt as if God had given me a second chance with a new passion”.

He got inspired to play music whilst working the doors in pubs and clubs back in England and watching a very high caliber of local musicians play night after night. "They looked like they were having so much fun. I said to myself, I want to have a go at that (performing). " The local musicians were instrumental in helping Caleb get started and teaching him the art of being on stage and building the confidence to do it in front of people. "These guys (local musicians) are my true musical inspirations. I feel it an honour to be able to pass that inspiration on to others on their musical journeys."

He first performed in Reading Prison in England, where the encouragement and support he received there gave him the courage to pursue his new dream and led to the recording of his first album ‘Battle of Life’. After performing several times in the Prison, he started to perform in the same pubs and clubs where he was once the security for.  Once he came to Montreal, he found new and interesting places to play...  Some of his most memorable experiences has come from busking and being able to meet people from all walks of life. "I love people and hearing their stories." Caleb spent a lot of time busking on the metro in Montreal which inspired his song and latest EP "Streets of Montreal".


Caleb is very active on the Montreal, West Island and Cornwall, Ontario music scene. He has a solo show, a duo with Chris Gibbs on sax / flute, and a trio which adds Derek W on drums / backing vocals. For the solo and duo show’s, Caleb accompanies his singing & guitar playing with driving percussion from a Cajon fitted with 2 reversed drum pedals. Combined with the sax and flute this makes for a totally unique and captivating sound, taking familiar classic songs into new territory and making them fresh for appreciative audiences. 


Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any comments and questions.

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