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"I'm a testimonial that will go here, talking about how much we enjoy the wonderful Caleb!!!"

- Allison Miles (Somewhere Restaurant)

Caleb Taylor

Born in Reading, England, and now living in Montreal, Quebec, Caleb Taylor has performed at a variety of venues around his new city, while honing his craft. His passion for music is driven by his soulful and unique style that is on display at every show.


The CALEB experience comes in the form of a solo show, a duo with Chris Gibbs on sax / flute, or a trio which adds Derek W on drums / backing vocals. For the solo and duo shows, Caleb accompanies his singing & guitar playing with driving percussion from a Cajon fitted with 2 reversed drum pedals. Combined with the sax and flute this makes for a totally unique and captivating sound, taking familiar classic songs into new territory and making them fresh for appreciative audiences. As a trio, Derek W keeps the beat and brings the groove on drums (or Cajon, depending on the venue), while also providing some texture and great harmonies with his backing vocals.


CALEB is a fun and interactive show. The crowd often remark that it’s the spontaneous feel and obvious enjoyment of the musician(s) that make seeing CALEB special.


“  …from the very beginning, what I truly liked was the attitude of the trio … I adore seeing musicians having fun on stage! It is something capable of passing beyond the initial demureness of the public and to catalyze its attention: a skill somehow.” -    Francesca Sacerdoti (Montreal Rocks)

Chris Gibbs

Saxophone / Flute 

Backing Vocals

Derek W

Drums / Cajohn

Backing Vocals

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Want to book CALEB for your bar, restaurant or festival? Want him to play at your wedding or private party? Don't hesitate and contact us now!

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